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Laminating Industries are integral to different types of parts, components, and materials involved in

manufacturing and production. All can make that specific product stronger, more durable, last

longer, more rigid or flexible. Depending on the type of product you have that needs laminating,

there are numerous different types of lamination processes, of which cater to certain types of


Zeneses introduced a brand as Zenecryl for various types of Wet & Dry lamination.

Wet lamination adhesives

Wet lamination are designed for superb finishing and bonding between paper to films, which are most suitable for lamination of variety of films like PET, PVC, BOPP, MATT & Aluminium foil to


Specifications : First Class Grade For Creasing. Excellent Bond Strength. Even Coating

High Bond With Moderate Coverage. Fast Drying. High Gloss and Premium Quality.

Advantages: Cost Effective. Heat Resistance. Shining. Outstanding Result in High Heat. Very Great Machinability. Suitable for Indian weather & environment.

Dry lamination adhesives

Dry Lamination is suitable for bonding of foil to paper. It is applied for lamination like BOPP, CPP, PRT, PVC & Aluminium to paper for high speed machines.

Specifications : Environment Friendly Suitable for high speed machines Better Cost Performance Non-flammable

Advantages : No change Ink shade in lamination Helps in lamination of Pouches Acrylic based Product.

Side sealing adhesives

Side sealing adhesive is multi-purpose adhesive which is for specialized applications and used for making and closing of duplex cartons etc.

Specifications : Great work in low surface energy cartons. High Coverage. Good Grip

Strength. Manual & Machine Side PastingApplications.

Advantages : Very comfortable for laminated. Fast Bond Development. Very High Green


Zen fix

Zeneses introduced a brand as Zenfix for various types of water based cold glues like Pressure Sensitive, CPW,Wooden furniture, Cold adhesive, Pet& Glass Bottle Labehng.

Pressure sensetive adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesive forms a good bond which is useful for stock labels and sticker application by manual screen method and machine applications.

Specifications : Water based adhesive. Economical. High & Moderate Viscosity. Best for screen & machine application. Good Bonding Characteristics. Colourless & Odourless.

Advantages : Non Transferable Adhesive. Easy Compatibility. Giving Good


Wood & precious furniture adhesives

Wood & Precious furniture adhesive is bonding for wooden furniture & furnishing projects which are also using for handicrafts manual application of wooden furniture industries. It is applied for mica, teak, block wood, damage filling and Ieppa applications like block board,hard board & card boards etc.

Specifications : High bonding & Fast drying strengths. Continues water resistance. Cost effective. Time saving for more productivity. Higher coverage.

Advantages : Suitable for both cold & heat pressing. Excellent storage at low temperature. Excellent adhesive properties for wood applications.

Cold adhesives

Cold adhesive is designed for paper to board lamination binding. It is used for gift boxes, note books & diary cases.

Specifications: Quick setting products. Gives Good Strength.

Advantages: Board to Paper Pasting. PaperTo Paper Pasting.

Pet & glass bottle labeling

Pet & Glass BottIeAdhesive is complete range for bottle labeling with high speed manual machines.

Specifications: Good forfoiling. Immediate skid free for application.

Advantages : Skid free in nature. Good Pump ability. Strong bonding between labels & pets.

Melt Fix

Zeneses introduced a brand as Meltofix for various Iaminations like Hotmelt, HMPSA &Jelly Glue.

Hotmelt adhesives

Hotmelt is hot glue. It is multi-purpose side glue with high tag which is suitable for book binding, carry bags,mono-carton sealing, film coating, spices box & soap wrapping etc.

Specifications : Long Shelf Life Gives flexible and tough spine Off-white in colour Low maintenance time/cost HighTracking.

Advantages: Good Bond with various surfaces Crack & Breakage Free Properties Low Viscosity Excellent binding with High GSM coated paper.

Hmpsa (hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives)

HMPSA is suitable for labelling of paper to PET bottles with automatic high speed machines, courier bags,stock labels, baby diaper, mattresses etc.

Specifications: Water based Suitable for Moderate temperature Off-white in colour For Manual & Gumming Machine.

Advantages: Bonding with Good strength with online packing Good Pumpability Milky WhiteViscous Liquid.

Jelly glue

Jelly Glue is water based, non-hazardous & non-toxic adhesive.This product is mainly used for

box-making, hard book cover making,hard case making and other binding fields.

Specifications: Gives good strength High Speed Machines Quick Drying Properties.

Advantages: Rigid Box Making Pigmented White Grade.

Hm pet &glass bottle labeling

Pet & Glass Bottle Adhesive is Complete Range of Bottle Labeling for Packed DrinkingWater Cold Drink Etc.

Specifications: Good For Forming Ideal For Low-energy Surfaces.

Advantages: High SurfaceTack. High Peeling Strength. Good Cold Resistance. Strong Bonding Between Label & Surfaces.


Zeneses introduced a brand as Zenaux for various types of textiles auxiliaries like Printing Chemical, Garments finish, Pre-treatment auxiliaries & Carpet Backing.

Printing auxiliaries

We provide Hi tech, Eco Friendly Acrylic Binder for textile pigment printing. Binders depends on high quality standard which is achieved through intensive modern production technology constant growth like dispersing,dye fixers,thickeners, khadi etc.

Garment finishing auxilieries

The finishing auxiliaries are suitably used for imparting a permanent softness, silky finishing


Pre-treatment auxiliaries

The pre-treatment chemicals are ideally used in textile industries as an excellent wetting, sequesting, deformers, desizing and antiback staining.

Carpet backing

Carpet Backing is third backing adhesive which has a face and back surface.This method includes

extrusion coating of the adhesive onto the back surface.The method of recycling carpet can only

recover by one or more carpet components.

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